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This is a SessRin friendly website made for fans by fans! Together, with others in the fandom, we have created collections of fics, art, theories and more!

Stay awhile and enjoy the works of the fandom, or visit the wiki for facts, sources, timelines and even forums where you can make friends!

Featured Art

#SessRinEternity by MeguLo
"El beso del ángel de ojos castaños que profesaba amor por aquel demonio"

Featured Fan Fiction

"in case you don't live forever" By grayintogreen
There are certain rigorous trials a demon lord must undergo if he wishes to take up his father's mantle, and when those trials turn ugly, it's up to a single human girl to finally turn a tired narrative on its head.
(Or "Sesshoumaru has a really bad time and Rin gets to save him for once.")

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